What Makes OurSalesforceAdmin.Com Different ?

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Over 1000+ Completed Projects with Hundreds of Clients

Founded in



In The Salesforce.com Eco-System Since 2004

Clients in Almost Every Vertical Market  and Various Industries

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Native Administration Packages to Meet Every Budget

Packages Do Not Expire. Client Get All the Hours they Purchase 


OSA Bills ONLY Real-Time. No Guessing, No Time Assumptions.

Hours Can Be Used for Any Salesforce.com Task

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CONTEXT: We Gather ALL of the Requirements and Pursue Understanding Them

CONTINUITY:  No Need for Repetitive Request with a Focus of Continuing Communication Streams.

CONVENIENCE: Access to Task Status', Invoices, Protect Manager and Project Milestones.

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We operate OurSalesforceAdmin.com with simple rules:

With OSA, you’ll get an affordable deliverables delivered with world-class customer service

by a team that truly cares about you and your business and results.

  •  Deliver a great deliverable at a reasonable price

  •  Provide excellent customer service

  •  Remain accountable


If your experience is ever anything less, we want to hear about it.


– The OSA Team

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